Twitter Hashtag Tracking

Track, monitor and download tweets containing the searched #hashtag, keyword or @username in real-time

Make the most of Twitter Hashtag Tracker

Excellent Twitter Hashtag Tracker

Twitter hashtag tracking made as easy as pie. Track the tweets containing the desired hashtag from all over Twitter.

ExportTweet's Twitter hashtag tracker offers you the advanced Twitter hashtag tracking with most accurate hashtag metrics.

Real-Time Hashtag Tracking
Real time hashtag Tracking
Gauge Campaign Growth Using Real Time Twitter Hashtag Tracking

Monitor your Twitter hashtag campaigns for devising and improving Twitter marketing strategy.

ExportTweet’s hashtag tracker is one of the best Twitter hashtag tracking tools present in the market providing the exact hashtag metrics for complete hashtag campaign analysis.

Detailed Scan Every Hashtag Tracking Tweet

Get the details of every tweet posted with your hashtag in your dashboad.

With the most practical hashtag metrics of total count of retweets, likes and direct impressions, analyze the hashtag tweets like a pro.

Comprehensive Details Of Every Tweet.png
Influencers Analysis

Twitter Influencers Analysis

Identify the most relevant influencers for any Twitter hashtag. The Influencers section in the Dashboad allows you to analyze five critical parameters to choose the most relevant influencers.

Related Hashtag Finder

Know the top hashtags related to your searched hashtag / topic in both easy to understand word cloud and comprehensive hashtag list.

Use ExportTweet’s hashtag finder section "Hashtags" to instantly know the most popular topics for your hashtag campaigns.

Related Hashtag Analytics

Steps on how to track hashtags on Twitter:

  • Go to Twitter Hashtag Analytics Page.
  • Enter the hashtag that you want to track and select the realtime tracking checkbox.
  • Check the report snapshot of up to 100 tweets.
  • Complete the purchase.
  • Access the realtime tracker through the dashboard.
Social Listening

Refine Social Listening

Refine your social listening by employing real time twitter hashtag tracking. Get all the mentions at one place and access them through a nice dashboard.

Being one of the most accurate twitter hashtag tracking and social media monitoring tool, ExportTweet will refine your social listening process.

Data Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions through Hashtag Tracking

Just as we say, turn Twitter data into decisions, analytics superpowers await you with top hashtag metrics.

Real time Twitter hashtag tracking gives you tons of data under the advanced hashtag metrics for conducting precise hashtag tracking data analysis.

Community Management

Redefine Community Management

Twitter Community Managers can utilize ExportTweet’s real time hashtag tracking in the most practical way.

Reach out to the top contributors and know who is talking about whom with the ExportTweet’s Twitter hashtag tracking. Interact and engage with new users and build a fanfare for your product.

Hashtag Tracking for Extracting Domain Knowledge

Extract knowledge about your desired domain and the ongoing trends by using real time Twitter hashtag tracking of trending hashtag and keywords.

ExportTweet’s Twitter hashtag tracking tool makes it easy to see patterns and trends and deep insights of any domain or industry in seconds.