Track a hashtag or keyword in real-time

Use Hashtag Report to analyze keywords / hashtags / user mentions on Twitter. Hashtag Report gathers and analyses the tweets where the searched keyword or hashtag is mentioned.

How can I make the most of Hashtag Report?
Find Out The Real Time Tweet Reach And Engagement
  • Potential Reach: Total number of accounts the tweets have reached
  • Contributors: Know how many users are tweeting using the keyword
  • Exposure: Total number of impressions per tweet and total number of impressions per contributor
Real Time Tracking
Popular Contributors
Learn About The Contributors
  • Contributors Analysis
  • Most Active Contributors: Users mentioning the keyword in Tweets+Retweets combined
  • Most Active Retweeters: Users mentioning the keyword in Retweets
  • Most Popular Contributors: Top contributors having maximum followers
  • Most Impactful Contributors: Top contributors creating maximum impressions (Tweets multiplied by number of followers)
  • Most Engaging Contributors: Top contributors based on number of retweets and likes generated by their tweets mentioning this keyword
  • List of top 50 Contributors
  • List of Contributors based on Maximum Photos and Videos Shared
Key Insights Related To Searched Keyword/Hashtag
  • Top Related Domain: Top 10 related domain URLs.
  • Top Links: Top 10 links embedded in the tweets along with the number of times they have been mentioned.
  • Top Related Hashtags: Top 10 hashtags related to the searched keyword/hashtag.
  • Contributors’ Twitter Age: Number of followers and their year of joining Twitter.
  • Top Images: Top images embedded in the tweets.
  • Top Languages: Percentage of contributors with respect to their language.
  • Most Used Words: Buzz Words most frequently used in the all the tweets.
  • Week Day Peak Usage Pattern: The average daily pattern of posting of tweets. Extremely useful for optimized posting and advertising.
  • Top Videos: Top videos embedded in the tweets
Key Insights
Top Tweets
Top Tweets
  • Top Retweets
  • Top Linked Tweets
Competitor Analysis
Keep an eye on your competitor's marketing strategy
Tweet Posting Time
Device Source
Know Which Device The Contributors Are Using Most To Tweet
Capitalize the most used device source information in advertising and tracking.
Know Geographical Location of the Contributors
Get Most-Tweeted-From Locations in graphical format.
Geo Location