Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Track, monitor and download tweets containing the searched #hashtag, keyword or @username in real time

What's included?

Real Time Hashtag Tracking

Empower yourself with all the insights about any hashtag or keyword on Twitter with ExportTweet's Real Time Hashtag Tracking.

Monitor, track and store all the future tweets containing your searched hashtag with Real Time Hashtag Tracking or download historical tweets along with hashtag analytics report.

Real-Time Hashtag Tracking
Comprehensive Details Of Every Tweet.png
Comprehensive Details Of Every Tweet

Get the detailed stats of every tweet containing your searched hashtag. Analyze the list of all the tweets under the decisive headers of number of retweets and likes earned and direct impressions generated.

Related Hashtags

Get the word cloud as well as the comprehensive details of top hashtags commonly used with your searched hashtag. Use this tool to instantly know the most popular areas for your campaigns.

Related Hashtags
Hashtag Detail Contributor Analysis
Track Influencers

Find the most relevant influencers to boost your Twitter promotions with ExportTweet. The Influencers section analyzes the influencers on five critical parameters for you to choose the best ones.

Expert Media Analytics

Dig out the most popular images and videos across Twitter containing your searched hashtag. Easily download the media links in CSV with a single click.

Awesome Media Analytics
Top Domains
Top Domains

Find out the top domains related to your main hashtag classified by Contributors, Reach and Impressions. All the domains/URLs are clickable enabling quick access.

Analyze Your Hashtag Campaigns

Optimize your hashtag campaigns with the most crucial Real Time hashtag tracking metrics including engagement, exposure, reach, mentions and more. Find out your biggest retweeters and likers with details of every tweet.

Analyze your hashtag Campaigns
Real Time Tweet Reach And Engagement

Real Time Tweet Reach And Engagement

Potential Reach

Total number of Twitter accounts the tweets have reached


Know how many users are tweeting using the keyword


Total number of impressions per tweet and total number of impressions per contributor

Get Detailed Contributors Analysis

Most Active Contributors

Users mentioning the keyword in Tweets and Retweets combined

Most Active Retweeters

Users mentioning the keyword in Retweets

Most Popular Contributors

Top contributors having maximum followers

Most Impactful Contributors

Top contributors creating maximum impressions ( Tweets multiplied by number of followers)

Hashtag Detail Contributor Analysis
Cut The Social Media Noise
Cut the Social Media Noise

Monitor Real Time hashtag analytics data by filtering out the noise and fetching only those tweets that include the specific hashtag/keyword. Use the hashtag analytics for optimized interactions with account/brand mentions.

Backfill Future Hashtag Tweets Tracker With Histoical Tweets

Easily backfill a Real Time Hashtag Tracker with custom hashtag analytics historical data and start monitoring Tweets in real time.

Your Real Time Tracker will automatically get filled by up to 300 historical tweets.

Backfill upto 300 tweets Backfill upto 300 tweets view
Hashtag Tweets Geo Locations
Know Geographical Location of the Contributors

Know what countries the contributors are from and devise your digital strategy accordingly

Device Source

Know which devices are being used most by contributors to tweet

Capitalize the most used device source information in advertising and tracking

Hashtag Used Device Sources