Twitter Followers Analysis

Download Twitter followers of any account along with comprehensive analytics

What's Included In Twitter Followers Analysis?

Our followers export includes following headers in CSV/Excel
Twitter Id
Official Account Twitter Id
Account Created Date (UTC)
Date the user created account
Real Name
Real Name provided by the user
User Name
User name which appears on the profile
Twitter URL
User Twitter profile URL
Profile Image URL
Link to profile image
User location if provided by them
The user's bio on Twitter
Website URL if provided
Total Tweets
Total tweets posted till date
Total Followers
Total followers of the follower
Total following users of the follower
No. of Lists
Total lists the user is a member of
Total Likes
Total likes by the user till date
Time Zone
Time zone set by the user
Verified Account
Account verified or not
Language set by the user
User is private or public
Last Status
As set by the user
Last Status Date(UTC)
Date of setting last status

Complete List of Twitter Followers

You will get all the Twitter followers of any public account even the numbers run in millions. And this is not it. You will also get all the associated Twitter data along with the followers.

Followers data
Most Popular Followers
Most Popular Followers

Get the list of top 5 most popular Twitter followers of the searched Twitter account, based on the number of their own followers.

Utilize this analytics data in increasing your Twitter reach, establish relationships or to check on your competitors supporters.

Follower's Range of Followers

Analyze Twitter followers of any account based on the range of their own followers. Know those followers who themselves have, say, more 10 million followers.

Followers range
Followers Language
Followers' Language Analysis

Conduct followers analysis to know what languages account’s followers speak. Get the graph of percentage of Twitter followers with respect to their language.

Followers' Activity Graphs

Know how active account's followers are, with respect to the time when they last tweeted.

Use this followers activity analytics data to know an estimated number of users who will actively engage with the tweets.

Followers activity
Twitter Age
Followers' Years Joined Twitter

Get the account's number of Followers with their year of joining Twitter.

This followers analytics data can be used to analyze the genuineness of the account’s followers. If a lot of users who joined Twitter recently started following a Twitter account then they could be fake.

How To Use Twitter Followers Analysis Data?

Capture Competitor Insights

Capture Competitor Insights

Export the followers of any public Twitter account. Be it your competitors or your own Twitter profile, this analysis can give you a whole new pool of people to target.

Engage with the people who can be interested in your services and niche.

Check their bios, if they are relevant to be targeted. Figure out what attracts them, the kind of content they like and respond to.

Find out who the most popular and impactful Twitter followers are, their Twitter age, their activity graph and much more with Twitter followers analysis.

Generate Leads

Generate Leads

Put Twitter profiles to use to generate new leads. A lot of people display their interests, contact info, websites and blogs in Twitter bios.

Poach the competitors’ Twitter followers through followers analysis by having access to all of that information in a comma separated values (CSV) file.

Visit competitors' Twitter followers' websites, get ideas of what can be their requirements and how you can fulfill them, get their email IDs to start engaging with them.

Find Most Popular Followers

Find Most Popular Followers Of Any Twitter Account

Twitter followers with their own huge followers base could act as brand ambassadors.

Conduct Twitter followers analysis of the top Twitter accounts in your domain to get the list of most popular followers.

See which power users are following them and if they aren’t following you then work on getting them to follow you.

Optimize Twitter Ads

Optimize Twitter Ads With Tailored Audiences

Empower your Twitter ads with tailored audience which allows creating custom audience segments for targeting.

Reach users on Twitter who have shown interest in your brand even outside Twitter say, your website or blog.

Best way to find those people is by analyzing your competitors’ Twitter accounts and exporting their followers and followings list for offline analysis.

This will allow you to make sure that your targeting for Twitter marketing is as precise as it could be.

Export Followers and Following

Export Followers And Following Users To New Accounts

Never lose your Twitter followers when creating, merging or switching to new Twitter accounts. Download a complete list of your Twitter followers and inform them about your new Twitter handle.

Extract Twitter followers and direct message them about your new Twitter handle.

Export Followers and Following

Measure the Impact of Twitter Marketing Campaigns

Measure the change you were able to bring in your Twitter presence through Twitter Marketing Campaigns and whether or not you were able to achieve the followers growth.

Gauge the impact of your Twitter Marketing Campaigns with a detailed Twitter followers analysis report before and after the campaign for effective comparison and analysis.

Have A Backup Of Your Twitter Followers

As Twitter does not provide your followers to be archived, you can you ExportTweet’s Followers Analysis tool to extract the whole list of your followers in a CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

So by exporting your Twitter followers offline from time to time, you can create your own backup of people who are your most valuable social capital.

Get Twitter Followers data

Get Twitter Followers Data In Spreadsheet

Export your Twitter followers data offline in a CSV file with all the relevant Twitter data you might need such as names, bios, locations, time-zones, languages and much more to conduct a custom analysis.

It will allow you to know their demographics which could be critical in deciding on the kind of content and tone which will work with them.

Export Followers and Following

Find Fake Twitter Followers And Bots

Twitter has a very large number of fake accounts which means a large chunk of Twitter followers could be bots. So, avoid making marketing decisions without conduting a proper Twitter followers analysis.

Export any account’s Twitter followers list, look for accounts which have suspicious followers-following ratio that is may be too many followers or too many following users or spam like tweeting pattern.