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Hold the Nerve of all the Trending News Stories

Use ExportTweet to track and analyze real-time tweets and conversations of trending news and stories. Get to know how many people are tweeting about the topic in question.

No need to keep looking for top posts, images and videos behind trending stories. Let the ExportTweet real-time tracker be in command of tracking all the activities around a given hashtag or keyword and present them in a user-friendly dashboard.

Present the Analytics Reports to Editors and Publishers

Ever faced a problem in convincing your Editors and Publishers?

ExportTweet brings the solution for you. Download the analytics report and share them with your Editors and Publishers. Make them convinced with your opinions with both Excel data and real time dashboard screen.

Bring All the Breaking Stories under Your Watch

ExportTweet’s Real Time Hashtag Tracking enables you to be the first one to react right away as and when any big events occur.

Stories with hashtags such as #earthquake could be picked as and when they happen and broken out on news channels.

Determine the Most Yielding Content

Identify and track the most performing posts, articles and stories with most likes, comments and shares. Get the real statistics of news and stories protruding the social media world in general.

Know what content is working on social media basis which you can mould your articles and stories to make them more engaging and go viral.

Analyze Your Competitors’ Performance Against Your Own

Study your competitors by tracking their official #hashtags, taglines and campaign keywords and downloading and analyzing their followers (even if they are in millions).

Get the analysis with best social media engagement metrics. Use the analysis to mould your own digital strategy to stay on top.