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ExportTweet is widely used by researchers and scholars to extract Twitter hashtag analytics data, download user tweets and extract Twitter followers.

ExportTweet's powerful dashboard and reports present the processed data under various key metrics such as estimated reach and exposure, influencers' and contributors' data, trending hashtags and keywords and much more.

Fuel Your Research with Historical Twitter Data

Empower your white papers and create case studies with the insights obtained from social media trends, controversial Twitter conversations and tweets, hashtag campaigns and social learnings.

Real-Time Hashtag Tracking
Comprehensive Details Of Every Tweet.png
Extract Twitter Data To Conduct Market Research

Get the detailed stats of every tweet containing your searched hashtag. Analyze the list of all the tweets under the decisive headers of number of retweets and likes earned and direct impressions generated.

Examine the Social Media Content

Know the difference which makes certain pieces of content go viral. What hashtags and keywords are most popular with respect to any subject? ExportTweet’s illustrative graphs and word cloud fuel your research illustrating what drives the users to engage with certain trends and ignore others on social media.

Related Hashtags
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