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  • 25 Hashtag & Keyword Reports
  • 15 Account Reports without followers and following data
  • Full Followers and Following Data (Request Quote)
  • 2,000,000 Tweets
  • Historical Data (Last 7 Days)
  • API Access
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  • Unlimited Hashtag and Keyword Tracking
  • Unlimited Account Reports with followers and following
  • Full Followers and Following Data (Included)
  • Unlimited Tweets
  • Historical Data (Up To Last 30 Days)
  • API Access

Learn how ExportTweet thrives in various domains

For Brands

I am a Brand. How can ExportTweet help me?

Social media has become a very weighty platform with consumers expressing their unbiased opinions of any new product that a brand releases. ExportTweet offers detailed Twitter insights that every brand needs. The analytics that we provide can help brands get the competitors’ analysis, engagement data and patterns for devising marketing strategies for their targeted markets.

I want to know consumer insights and market research. Can ExportTweet help me?

Export Tweet as a research tool uses powerful and precise methods to get the best results. We apply algorithms that give very broad insights that highlight and analyze the consumer experience. We can help track extend of reach to consumers and their level of participation in the social media marketing.

How can ExportTweet help with corporate communications/PR?

PR teams can give appropriate and quick response to the customers’ and competitors’ activities with the real-time monitoring of tweet streams that ExportTweet dashboard enables. Using ExportTweet can give access to various insights like the devices that users use, peak hours of participation (check Product Pages) among others. This will help get across information to target audience effectively.

For Brands
For Digital Marketing
For Digital Marketing

How can Export Tweet help with digital marketing?

With Digital marketing becoming ever more advanced ExportTweet can reflect the key trends surrounding consumer satisfaction. We make analysis related to digital marketing easy to grasp yet very insightful with the extensive report results that we provide. Our tools can give insights on impressions, predict the best influencers and help you construct an effective marketing strategy that works in the digital platform.

For Agencies

How can Export Tweet help agencies and media planners?

ExportTweet’s platform can help agencies to devise strategies using the parameters that ExportTweet provides. Our tool gives a number of insights on the impressions, devices that users use, peak hours of users’ presence on twitter and much more. ExportTweet provides analytical tools that provide insights on the trends around your target audience and also connect with the influencers. Agencies can use our tools to assist their pitching, media planning, and ROI processes. Media planning is about doing the little things but doing them right. The insights can provide a strategy to manage twitter engagement that will penetrate the target audience with precision and making sure users do not miss out on any posts.

For Digital Marketing Agencies
Content Creation
For Content Creation

How does Export Tweet help with content creation?

ExportTweet gives a data of tweets that have been retweeted, most favourited tweets, influencers and impressions. This gives accurate insights on the trends among the users. The word cloud gives the top buzz words trending across the globe. Using this analyzed data can help create amazingly great and effective content that readers will care about and be interested in.

For Non-profits

How can Export Tweet help non-profits, academic institutions, and government agencies?

ExportTweet is also committed to research-based studies to institutions and communities focused on academic research and public good. The analytical tools can help researchers to analyze the latest trends surrounding their fields of research. We have special channel partnership programs through which we offer discounted price to access analytics platform and reports as well.

Which social impact organizations currently use Export Tweet’s platform?

ExportTweet clients include researchers top universities and global organizations, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, MIT Sloan, New York University, University of Utah, UMKC and The Kansas University to name a few.

For Non Profit