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Want to download someone’s tweets? Know how to download tweets from user on Twitter:

Just enter the @account name in the search bar

  • Click on Search
  • Check the preview of the account
  • Add to Cart and Buy

Use ExportTweet Tweet downloader to download tweet from any user to excel.

You can archive tweets of a user to carry out your own offline Twitter Analytics. Get latest tweets from user irrespective of the time frame the tweets have been posted.

What contains in excel sheet

ExportTweet tweet downloader enables you to download tweets to excel. The excel sheet contains various headers of Twitter data which helps in performing various Twitter analytics activities. The headers tell you the following details:

  • Tweet id
  • Tweet classification – re-tweet or reply
  • Tweet day and time
  • Tweet text
  • Tweet source
  • Re-Tweet Count
  • Favorite count

Get more than 3200 tweets

Want to download more than 3200 tweets from a user?

We track tweets in real-time for many popular Twitter accounts. If it happens that the user you want the tweets of, is a part of our real-time tracking list, we will notify you so that you can get more than 3200 tweets. If your user isn’t a part our tracking list, you can anytime ask us to start tracking for them.

Just give us a shout at

Track Twitter accounts in real time

Want to track the Twitter account in real-time?

ExportTweet provides real-time Twitter account tracking which enables you to track and archive tweets of a user on Twitter. Use ExportTweet Real-Time Account Tracking or just give us a shout at with the account name you want to track.

Track multiple Twitter accounts

Want to track and download tweets of multiple accounts?

ExportTweet real-time account tracking provides you the feature of tracking multiple accounts and downloading tweets to excel. With multiple accounts tracking, you can keep an eye on the Twitter activities of your competitors. Get the Twitter analytics data with various metrics to find patterns, peak hours to engage, trend prediction and competitor analysis.

Get More Twitter Analytics data with ExportTweet tweet downloader

  • User data: Cover picture, profile picture, official name, status line date of joining Twitter, Number of tweets, followers, followings, listed of user
  • Tweet impact: Retweets per tweet, Replies per tweet, favorites per tweet
  • Pattern of Tweets Posting: - Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • Device Source: Know which devices are being used most by the account to tweet
  • Most Popular Tweets: Most re-tweeted and most liked

For universities, researchers and students

Universities, researchers and students can be specially benefitted by ExportTweet tweet downloader. Researchers can download tweets to excel to carry advanced Twitter analytics. University students can avail impressive discounts on Twitter analytics and tweet downloader reports.

Connect to ExportTweet API

Want the direct access to our API? You can connect to the ExportTweet API for real-time multiple account tracking, download tweets from Twitter or even build your own custom tool.

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