Twitter Hashtag – How to use Twitter hashtags

Twitter Hashtag

What is a Twitter hashtag (#)?

The Twitter hashtag written with the “#” symbol acts as an index to the topics or keywords on Twitter. A hashtag is created by putting a pound sign (#) before any word or phrase without any punctuation or spaces.

The Twitter hashtags are primarily used to:

  • categorize the topics on Twitter which in turn makes it easy for the users to search for the tweets related to their desired topics
  • narrow down the conversations on any topic
  • customized associations or groups conversation

In other words, a hashtag weaves together the tweets containing the same hashtag posted by different users in a single stream. If you include a hashtag in your tweet, users who will search for that hashtag will see your tweet.

Who creates the Twitter hashtags?

Brands, media agencies and twitter users like you and me. Anyone can create a hashtag by writing a keyword or a phrase without spaces after the “#” symbol. You can write these hashtags anywhere in a tweet. These are not case sensitive. For example, both #ILoveNY and #inlovewithapple are valid hash

Common ways of using Twitter Hashtags

1. Themed conversations: People use hashtags to create themed conversations on Twitter among their own groups. Tweets related to that theme appear together in that hashtag stream thus all people who are interested in that theme can simply search that hashtag and start participating in these personalized group conversations.

Twitter Hashtag Group Conversation

2. Hashjacking: Hashjacking happens when you jack someone others trending hashtag to promote your own brand or Twitter account. Popular trending hashtags are the easiest way of gaining attention on Twitter without having to do much other than glancing to the left of Twitter feed where they are listed. Tailoring tweets so you can use them is an easy way of getting exposure. However, before selecting a Twitter, proper research needs to be done on why those hashtags are trending and how relevant are they to your brand. Though if done properly, hashjacking could boost your brand promotion exponentially.

Twitter Hashtag Hashjacking

3. Campaign-specific hashtags: Hashtags can be used for Twitter marketing campaigns so customers can use them to refer to the brand and add to the conversations. With greater mentions, the reach is bound to increase. Like Nike used its #makeitcount campaign to promote their product Fuelband, and ended up making it viral on Twitter.


4. Join an online conversation: Hashtags can be used to link tweets to a particular stream having the same theme. So, simply search the hashtag to find the things that you are interested in, or want to know more about. You can join the discussion, find new people who share the same interests as you and connect with them.


A good hashtag can encapsulate what the masses feel and imagine.

Hashtag Benefits: How to make most out of Twitter hashtags?

  • Implementing real-time hashtag tracking

You can track hashtags in real-time to know the potential reach, contributors, exposure and much more of brands, products, trending topics or even abstract keywords such as #happiness, #twistedtales etc. Real-time Twitter hashtag tracking empowers brands and power users to keep a grip on the mentions, campaign performance, engagement and exposure metrics.

  • Extracting historical data

Historical hashtag data is highly useful when conducting subject research, competition analysis, market research and much more. You can access the tweets dating to the first post made with the desired hashtags.

You can get the above as well as all the other crucial metrics by using Hashtag analytics reports offered by ExportTweet at the minimal price. Just enter the desired #hashtag in the search bar at ExportTweet and sit back to get the comprehensive hashtag report in the most user friendly dashboard.

Twitter Hashtag - How to use Twitter hashtags
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Twitter Hashtag - How to use Twitter hashtags
Twitter hashtags: Know what is Twitter Hashtag, how to create one and what are the common and advanced benefits of usinng Twitter hashtags.
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