19 Creative Ways To Use Twitter For Business


Twitter can be an excellent platform to get creative for your business to get established in the sphere of social media marketing. Knowing creative ways to use Twitter for business can help you to form a community which will help you meet your business goals.

Knowing ways to use it effectively can help you to form a community of relevant people but being creative with it is what makes a lot of difference. Twitter has a wide user base, and getting it right is really important.

Here are some ways to help you unleash your creativity and get started.

Twitter Advantage

Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service which allows you to broadcast short messages called tweets up to 140 characters to other users who follow you on Twitter.

Moreover, you can include images, videos, gifs and external links to any web content as well in your tweets allowing you to engage better with the audience.

Twitter allows its members to follow anyone unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, where members have to request and get approved in order to subscribe to other users.

Twitter’s core strength lies in its real-time nature. Other social media networks are not even close to Twitter’s capacity to feed live and real-time information on what’s happening at the moment around the world.

Twitter has a wide user base, and making the most of it is really important. Here are some ways to help you unleash your creativity and get started.

#1. Build a strong Twitter Profile For Your Business

Making a perfect profile on Twitter is the first and most important task to start with. Following are the key guidelines for building a strong profile and using Twitter for business:

1. Twitter Bio: Twitter Bio is a brief introduction of your profile. Following are the things you need to keep in mind while writing your bio.

  • Use the most relevant and targeted keywords at first: Focus on those particular keywords which describe you the best. For example, if you want to make a professional profile then you can start with your designation in your organization. You can start your introduction like CEO at XYZ company or GM @pqr.
    But, if you are making a personal profile, then just write what defines you the best. Lots of people define themselves as Father, Teacher, sports enthusiast and so on.
  • Use relevant Hashtags:  You can find highly searched and relevant keywords through the tools like Hashtagify. Using popular hashtags will help you increase your reach. Make use of 1-3 hashtags in your bio.
    Hashtags like #Entrepreneur #Blogger #Traveller #Foodie are the most common.
    You can also put hashtags which define your work like #SMM #SEO #SocialMedia
  • Include relevant username: If you are an employee of a company then it is better to include the @username of the company rather than just writing its name. It will help people to reach you when they are searching for your company.
  • Put relevant email ID: Using the email ID which you use regularly in your bio makes it easy for users to contact you quickly.
  • Bios should be small, crispy and comprehensive: Although you are allowed 160 characters to write bio but it’s not necessary to use all the 160 character.Keep it short and simple.

2. Profile Picture: Your profile picture will be used to identify you. It appears next to everything you post so don’t be sloppy with it (using a blurred image or no image at all).Statistics from Hubspot show that Twitter profiles with profile picture have 10 times more followers as compared with the profiles that don’t have. But make sure your profile picture and cover picture suits your niche.

  • Stay interesting by updating profile pictures regularly.
  • Use images that will make you approachable for your followers and associate with your business.
Twitter Bio

3. Choose Your Cover Image Carefully: Create a custom graphic that provides information about your brand and use it for your Twitter cover image


4. Website URL: Twitter provides the option to put the company website URL. Don’t forget to add it.

5. Location: According to PARC Research study, only 66% of Twitter users accurately complete the “location” field of their profile. The other 34% are missing out on the ability to be found by those searching for their services in their locations. Make sure you give the proper location of your business on Twitter.

6. Theme: Customize the theme which suits your business profile.Profiles make you more discoverable by Google, which will increase your “find ability” and increase your brand’s reach.

#2. Start Following People Related To Your Business

When you follow people on Twitter, you start reading their posts on your Twitter stream. Just in case, if you don’t know how to follow people on twitter. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the user’s profile
  2. Click on the Follow button

The following is the list of accounts you must follow on Twitter:

1. Your Competitors: Follow your competition to know what they are up to

  • know what kind of tweets they are posting
  • learn about new products they are going to launch
  • know how they are responding to audience tweets
  • keep a track on their audience engaging activities
  • know how they are responding to their followers
  • know how people are communicating with your competitors

2. Your Customers: Follow every company and individual which is your customer or a potential customer. Active users are the best to give the live updates of the industry. Here is the simple way to find out your potential customers on Twitter:

  • Search for the most relevant hashtags and find the top contributors who are posting content with those hashtags.
  • Look for the accounts which are following your competitors. They might be your potential customers as well
  • Look for the followers of your industry’s top influencers

3. Key Market Influencers: People with lots of followers and attitude to change the industry opinions can be considered as Influencers. They have the ability to make or break any brand.

4. Friends, family and well-wishers: Follow them and ask them to follow you back

5. Follow Twitter accounts which are related to your business domain and interests:
This will introduce you to a large number of accounts to follow. You should be very selective while following people. If you follow irrelevant people, it will bulk your timeline with useless tweets.

Before start following the Twitter accounts recklessly, take care of Twitter’s aggressive following policies.For more information, read Twitter’s Following rules and best practices.

#3. Manage who you Follow

Begin by devising a strategy to manage who you follow by following Twitter users relevant to your business like customers, competitors, associated businesses, suppliers and so on.

The more people you follow, the more are the chances of missing out the important tweets.

Twitter lists can come to your rescue. You can group important people you follow in different lists. This can help you focus and decide on whose tweets you want to see.

Here are the steps to create a Twitter List:

  1. Login to your Twitter account and go to your profile page
  2. Click on Lists on your profile page or select Lists from the drop down menu by clicking your profile icon on the top right.
  3. Click Create New List
  4. Enter the name and description of the List
  5. Choose the accessibility of the List as Public or Private
  6. Save the List

Steps to add or remove people from the Lists:

  1. Go to the user’s profile and click on the three vertical dots next to the Follow button
  2. Select Add or remove from Lists
  3. Check or uncheck the List you want to add to or remove from respectively

There are many Twitter auto follow tools available but one should use the tool which provides complete followers management.

Buzzlogix is one such Twitter followers management tool which can be used to filter out right Twitter accounts to follow.


#4. Start Listening

Listen by reading tweets. Find tweets and look out for mentions and direct messages and keywords people use to talk about your business and follow them.

Start with the basic points:

  1. Get a grasp of what your Twitter community thinks and feels and you can respond accordingly.
  2. Get connected with your customers by taking note of who talks to you and who mentions you.
Twitter good conversations tweets

Twitter good conversations tweets

Careful listening on Twitter will not just make you know about the public sentiments about your relevant domains but also keep you updated about what happening around in those domains.

#5. Have Conversations

Having conversations on Twitter is a bit different from other social media platforms. On Twitter, you Tweet, Retweet, Mention, Reply or simply Direct Message somebody. Here are the basics:

Tweet: A tweet is a message you post on Twitter which can be seen by everyone who follows you.

Reply: A reply is a tweet sent by a user that begins with your @twitterhandle as a response to your tweet.

Retweet: A retweet occurs when a user directly shares your tweet with their followers.

Mention: When a user includes your @twitterhandle in their tweet it is counted as a mention. This differs from a reply where the tweet begins with @twitterhandle itself.

Direct Message (DM): A direct message is a private message that you send to somebody. Nobody can see this message other than you and the receiver.

#6. Surround Your Twitter World With Great Conversation Lists

If you follow people who are interested in what you do, who inspire and challenge you to give excellent output, Twitter can become a great place to stay engaged for your business.

Get started with twitter lists by following the below points

  1. Create conversation lists categorically of your choice like people you give out-of-this-world ideas or those who inspire you with their awesome minds.
  2. Jump into any of these lists directly on days you’re out of ideas or just need some motivation.

You can also join existing public conversation lists which may be focused on a particular topic to engage in the discussion and get more ideas. Just click on the subscribe button below the list description.


For instance, the Startups NYC list in above snapshot can be a source of ideas for upcoming entrepreneurs. You can jump in the ongoing conversation by tweeting or replying to someone. You can also follow the members who share the same tastes as you to start a conversation.

#7. Add Media To Your Tweets:

People love it when they don’t have to read to get your tweet. They love it more if they see it in the form of a picture or a video rather than a text. So get into the habit of adding media of your business activity that you can share with your followers.

Tweets with text only:

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images. Source

Tweets with GIFs

Post tweets with videos. The equivalent of 110 years of live video is watched on Periscope every day. Source

#8. Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

With Twitter analytics you can get key insights of your competitors. You can use excellent third party tools such as ExportTweet to extract the intel of competitors’ accounts and track their activities on Twitter in real-time.


Twitter Account Analytics

Get Details Of All The Tweets Of Any Account

Download details of the tweets of any account in Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis. Here is the snapshot:


Know At What Time And Day Your Competitor Is Engaging The Most

Optimize your Twitter posting schedule according to the patterns of latest tweet activities.


Device Source

Know which devices are being used most by your competitor to tweet


Keep an eye on your competitor’s most popular tweets


Get Detailed Analysis Of All The Followers Of Your Competitors

Extract comprehensive analysis of all the followers of your competitor or any Twitter account under various metrics such most popular followers, followers language analysis, followers activity graph etc. Here is a snapshot of the account analysis of @pepsi.


You can also get the detailed followers analysis in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis.

#9. Monitor And Track Twitter #Hashtags

Monitor and track all the posts of any hashtag which is related to your business. A Twitter hashtag may be of your own business campaign or could be of your competitors or even any topic or event which could be related to your business.

Benefits of Hashtag Tracking:

  1. Monitor the trending hashtags and know which ones are frequently mentioned or talked about in a given day, week or month.
  2. Find relevant individuals or accounts you can follow to or ask them to share information about your business.
  3. Find out how your tweets or Twitter campaigns are performing by analyzing metrics such as impressions generated, estimated reach of the tweets etc.
  4. Know the top contributors tweeting with the tracked hashtag. Engage with them according to the sentiment of their tweets. If you see negative public reactions, you can converse with them in a manner to soothe the situation or you can amplify the positive reactions you come across during the hashtag tracking.

The hitch is Twitter itself doesn’t provide Hashtag analytics or tracking but there are excellent third party tools for the purpose. Hashtag Analytics available at ExportTweet gives you in-depth insights about how the hashtags are performing on Twitter.


#10. Find Leads Through Twitter’s Advanced Search

Use Twitter advanced search feature to find potential leads for your local business. Here is a quick guide on how to use Twitter’s advanced search:

twitter-for-business-advanced search

All of these words: Enter the words or phrases which could be the potential focus for your discussion related to your business.

This exact phrase: Here you can enter the phrase that you are looking for. It comes in handy when you are looking for quotes or names.

Any of these words: One can use multiple words in this section. It can be used to search for everything related to brand or product.

None of these words: Use this textbox to weed out the phrases or words that you think are irrelevant. This will ensure in showing only those tweets / discussion which are relevant to your business niche.

These Hashtags: This section helps you narrow down the search on mentions using the # symbol.

Written in: Select the language of the tweets you want to be included in the search. You can find tweets in 50 languages.


From these accounts: Use this to search the tweets posted by the particular account(s).

Mentioning these accounts: Enter the @account(s) to get the tweets in which they have mentioned.

To these accounts: Use this to search the tweets targeted to the specific account(s).


Near this place: Select the location to get the tweets posted from that particular location.


From this date : Select the time-period to get the tweets which were posted in that specific time-period.

#11. Use Twitter Influencers For Business Promotion

Twitter influencers are the people and the accounts that carry weight and power to influence audience in a specific domain or industry. These influencers have a large followers base on Twitter and engage in conversations through tweets, retweets, comments and sharing.

Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer. source

How to find Twitter influencers?

You can use tools such as Klear. Klear is a great tool to find influencers from around 40,000 categories. You can filter out specific country along with the desired category or the industry to get the right influencers.


Here is a list of some of the most popular Twitter influencers:

1. Shane Barker @shane_barker
Bio: Influencer Marketer| Consultant #ForHire ******Influencer & Brand Wrangler****** Download my FREE Influencer ebook http://bit.ly/influencer-ebook

2. Dorie Clark @dorieclark
Bio: Contributor to @forbes & @harvardbiz; marketing strategist & speaker; @dukefuqua prof; author of Stand Out & Reinventing You.

3. Mitch Joel @mitchjoel
Bio: President of Mirum. Marketer. Speaker. Author. Media Hacker. Blogger and Podcaster of Six Pixels of Separation. New book – CTRL ALT Delete – out now!

4. Peg Fitzpatrick @PegFitzpatrick
Bio: Rockin’ a positive attitude • Co-author of #ArtofSocial Media http://amzn.to/1FpQt8B • Speaker • Social media strategist • Pinterest Pro • Host of #MyBookClub

5. Ann Smarty @seosmarty
Bio: Brand manager @NinjasMarketing | Founder http://MyBlogU.com | Co-founder #VCBuzz #Blogger +If all you need is SEO, follow @annsmarty [I tweet a lot!]

#12. Go The Extra Mile To Use Twitter For Business

There are more creative ways to get connected with your customers than just retweeting them. Here is what you can do:

  • Twitter Contests: Have fun by organizing a contest on twitter and reward the winners with giveaways.That will increase your retweets, mentions, likes and overall popularity.
  • Use Twitter Polls: Create your own Twitter poll by asking questions with four options to answer. Twitter polls can be posted in a tweet itself. You can gather the responses and show the feedback as well.
  • Give Innovative Gifts: Strengthen relations with your customers on Twitter by giving away innovative gifts. A gift could be anything from sharing their tweets to sending real gifts straight to them. You can use third party tools such as, twitgift and Parcelgenie which are great for sending real gifts to your most engaged Twitter friends and audience.

A custom-made pair of shoes with a logo of your brand would make a cool gift.

  • Tweet-ups: Organize informal “tweet-ups” related to your business with the locals that you interact with.

It might turn out to be surprisingly good for your business to expand. The key is to be different by doing something you won’t usually do. Take the risk and go that extra mile. It will increase your Twitter influence.

#13. Offer Twitter-only discounts and coupon codes

Engage customers by offering Twitter-only discounts and coupon codes. A discount of 5% or a coupon code for free Cola only for people who know the secret code will surely increase your business engagement graph.

Also, it will spread a word of mouth about the Twitter-only codes and will make your customers check your Twitter account regularly for more Twitter-only secret codes.


#14. Get Your Business Account Verified By Twitter

A verified account implies that Twitter confirms the authenticity of the account and that it is being managed by the key person or the brand. A verified account gives credibility to your Twitter business @account and makes it trustworthy for the audience thus, increasing influence.

“An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.” – Twitter

Must haves for getting your Twitter account verified:

  • A verified email address
  • A verified phone number
  • A bio
  • Profile photo
  • Header photo
  • A website
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings

Here is a must read article to know more about how to verify twitter account.

#15. Use Short URLs In The Tweets

You must have came across URL links such as bit.ly, goo.gl etc. These are the short URL links which also provides the analytics data of how the short URLs are preforming.


Google URL Shortener is the best way to simplify and shorten the link. Its analytics helps you monitor:

  • Number of clicks the link has got
  • Browsers which are being used to click the links
  • Countries from where the clicks are coming
  • Device sources being used to click the links

Here are the steps to use Google URL Shortener:

  1. Go to https://goo.gl/
  2. If you are not already signed-in then sign-in first
  3. Enter your URL in Your original URL here box
  4. Click Shorten URL

#16. Watch out for Fake Twitter Accounts

Do not follow just any accounts that follow you: There are many accounts that are not run by real people but are automated programs called bots which are basically fake twitter accounts. They can flood your twitter stream with garbage. They provide no business value to you so avoid following back mindlessly and automatically.

Twitter bots

Twitter bots

#17. Unfollow Users Who Don’t Tweet

Clip off the followers who have stopped using Twitter or have been inactive for a long time.

  • If the list of your inactive users is very long, don’t unfollow them in one go as this may be suspected as spam-like behavior and result in getting the account suspended.
  • Use tools such as CheckFollow to check whether someone is following you or not and even who is following who on Twitter.
Who follows who on Twitter

Who follows who on Twitter

#18. Make It Easy For Your Customers To Find You

Publicize your twitter account as much as possible to make it easy for people to find your account.

Here is the set of guidelines you should follow:

  1. Provide a social media plugin for Twitter on every content or page you publish.
  2. Attach the share button to every business material.
  3. Advertise it to your customers so that they can find you and talk about you.
Follow us on Twitter

#19. Buy Twitter ads


Create your own banner ads and post them on Twitter. Make them attractive and transparent. You can run multiple ad campaigns simultaneously. For improved advertising, you can choose different Twitter features such as Twitter moments, Twitter webinars etc and extract information that can be used to build better ads. Know how to get started with the Twitter Ads by clicking this link – Twitter ads

Over To You

Do share how did you get benefited from the above tips. What is your strategy of using twitter to grow your business? Post your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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