The Complete Guide To Twitter Followers Analysis


Ever wondered how you could extract insights from your competitor’s Twitter followers?

Do you know how to make the most of your own Twitter followers and following?

One of the most overlooked and important aspects of social media analytics is Twitter followers analysis. In your followers’ list, there could be a gold mine of information which you haven’t accessed yet.

People are so obsessed with numbers that they often lose track of who their Twitter followers are and how they are engaging. And when they don’t know these things for sure, their social media strategy is definitely lacking.

So here’s the guide to complete Twitter Followers and Following analysis and how you should do it.

Capture Competitor Insights

You can export the followers of any public Twitter account which means you can analyze your competitor’s followers as well. This analysis can give you a whole new pool of people to target.

You can start engaging the people who can be interested in your services and niche. Check their bios, see if they are relevant to be targeted. Check their tweets, look for hashtags or keywords related to your niche and then decide.

Your target audience follows your competitors. So if they aren’t following you yet, you can figure out what attracts them, the kind of content they like and respond to.

Who the most popular and impactful followers are, their Twitter age, their activity graph that is when they are most active etc; a whole lot of information becomes available to you out of thin air just by analyzing your competitors’ followers closely.

Find Influencers On Twitter

Influencers are the new brand ambassadors. They have huge number of followers and can help you skyrocket your reach. They provide the validation to your brand which people trust.

Analyze your competitors’ Twitter followers, see which influencers or power users are following them and if they aren’t following you then work on getting them to follow you.

Influencers could be following you but if you are unaware then it’s of no use. So analyze your followers as well by knowing which of them have their own large force of followers.

See if they have liked your top posts, shared them which means they are interested in your content. Start engaging with them by following and mentioning them in your tweets.

Optimize Twitter Ads With Tailored Audiences

With tailored audiences, you can reach users on Twitter who have shown interest in your brand or your product even outside Twitter say, your website.

Twitter’s tailored audience allows you to create unique custom audiences for precise targeting.

Best way to find those people is by analyzing your competitors’ Twitter accounts and exporting their followers and followings list for offline analysis.

All you have to do is upload a CSV file full of data of the people who have shown interest in what you have to offer, on Twitter.

This will allow you to make sure that your targeting for Twitter promotion is as precise as it could be.

Export Followers And Following Users To New Accounts

Merging multiple accounts on Twitter directly is not possible. So if you were to make a new account, you would inevitably lose followers unless you export them offline and tell them about your new handle.

It can be done by shooting DMs to them or by following them so they know of your new place on Twitter. To enhance the visibility of your new handle, you could also start paid promotions for some time in which followers list will allow you to create a tailored audience to target.

Measure the Impact of Twitter Marketing and Promotions

After concluding a marketing campaign, it’s very important to measure the change you were able to bring in your Twitter presence and whether or not you were able to achieve your goals.

One of the most critical metrics is the followers growth. You can get a detailed insights report of followers before and after the campaign for effective comparison and analysis.

Have A Backup Of Your Twitter Followers

A Twitter profile gains its strength from the followers it has. Your marketing efforts are essentially focused on popularizing your brand and gaining followers.

Although tweets can be archived on Twitter but not the followers which are your most valuable social capital.

So by exporting your Twitter followers offline from time to time, you can create your own backup of people who already like your brand.

Generate Leads

Twitter profiles can be used to generate leads effectively. A lot of people display their contact info, websites and blogs on Twitter.

Once you export your Twitter followers analysis report, you will have access to all of that information in a comma separated values (CSV) file.

You can visit their websites, get ideas of what their requirements will be like and how you can fulfill them, get their email IDs to start targeting them via email marketing.

More clients means more business and that’s how companies grow.

Get Twitter Followers Data In Spreadsheet

You can analyze your Twitter followers data offline by exporting the complete list of followers in a CSV file with all the relevant information you might need such as names, bios, locations, timezone, languages and more.

It will allow you to know their demographics which will be critical in deciding on the kind of content and tone which will work with them.

Find Fake Twitter Followers And Bots

Twitter has a very large number of fake accounts as many as 48 million which means a large chunk of Twitter followers could be bots. Apparently if you’d been making decisions without a proper Twitter followers analysis then most likely those decision were not accurate.

When you export someone’s Twitter followers’ list, look for accounts which have suspicious followers-following ratio that is there are too many followers, too many following users or they are posting too many tweets.

In many cases, fake Twitter followers can be toxic to your online presence as they can’t buy your products or services and can damage your reputation.

ExportTweet - The Twitter Followers Analysis Tool

ExportTweet’s platform provides an all-in-one solution to Export Twitter Followers and Followings.

You can conduct a thorough followers and following analysis of any public Twitter account with multiple parameters.

Here is a walk-through of the what you can get by fetching the Twitter followers analysis report at ExportTweet:

• Full List of Followers


You can get all the followers of any public Twitter account even if they are in millions with all the associated Twitter data.

• Most Popular Followers


Get the top 5 most popular followers based on the number of their own followers.

Knowing this can be very useful in increasing your reach. You can establish relationships with them, engage with them more often so they can help you in promoting your products and your campaigns.

• Follower’s Range of Followers


Analyze the number of followers and the range of their own followers. This way, you will be able to know your followers who themselves have, say, more 10 million followers.

• Followers’ Language Analysis


Know the languages in which your followers are tweeting. Get the graph of percentage of followers with respect to their language.

• Followers’ Activity Graphs


Know how active your followers are, with respect to when they last tweeted.

That will allow you to know an estimated average number of users who will actively respond to your tweets.

• Followers’ Years Joined Twitter


Get the number of Followers and their year of joining Twitter.

One of the many applications of knowing the year of joining Twitter of your or your competitor’s followers could be looking for fake followers.

If a lot of users who joined Twitter recently started following a Twitter account then they could be fake.

Start Analyzing

Now since you are equipped with the required information to conduct the followers analysis, follow the above steps to extract deep insights from your target Twitter accounts.

Do let me know your feedback in the comments section below!

The  Complete Guide To Twitter Followers Analysis
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The Complete Guide To Twitter Followers Analysis
A complete guide on how to get deep insights from Twitter Followers Analysis of any account, allowing you to devise your Twitter marketing strategy and engage better with your followers.
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