Real Time Hashtag Tracking – How To Track Hashtags On Twitter

real time hashtag tracking

Real time hashtag tracking on Twitter should not leave you exhausted from tedious searching and copying tweets containing the desired hashtag all over Twitter.

Even if that could be one of the ways, this tiresome method won’t give you any Twitter data other than just the tweets, on which you can conduct analysis and reach on to some decisions.

As there is no native feature on Twitter to track the hashtags, the easiest way is to use a dedicated third-party tool.

ExportTweet is one such dedicated tool for complete Twitter analytics offering best hashtag tracker for real time hashtag analytics.

Using ExportTweet’s RealTime Hashtag Analytics, tracking hashtags on Twitter is super easy. 

With ExportTweet, hashtag tracking on Twitter can be done in two ways:

  1. Historical Tweets : To track the number of tweets which have been posted in the past having the #hashtag in question.
  2. Future Tweets : To track the number of tweets which will be posted in future containing the #hashtag in question.

Steps on how to track hashtags on Twitter:

  1. Go to hashtag analytics.
  2. Enter the hashtag that you want to track and select the realtime tracking checkbox.
  3. Check the report snapshot of up to 300 tweets.
  4. Complete the purchase.
  5. Access the realtime tracker through the dashboard.

You can try it out right away using the widget below:

Twitter Analytics

Turn Twitter Data Into Decisions

  • #Hashtag
  • @account
  • Followers Analysis
  • Keyword
  • Download User Tweets

Real Time Hashtag Tracking KPIs

Following are the critical real time hashtag tracking KPIs you will get with the ExportTweet hashtag analytics:

  • Tweets Timeline: Time-wise breakup of all the tweets posted in the selected time-frame
  • Reach:Number of unique Twitter users that would have seen the hashtag tweets
  • Exposure:Number of impressions generated of a hashtag is creating
  • Influencers: Total number of contributors who posted original tweets
  • Contributors:Total number of users tweeted, retweeted or replied using the keyword
  • Patterns of posting of tweets
  • Top Contributors
  • Most Retweeted Tweets and Most Liked Tweets
  • Device Source
  • All Tweets (Detailed Data of Every Tweet)
  • Top Hashtags
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Media Analysis
  • Top Domains/URLs

ExportTweet not only tracks hashtags, but also domains and website URLs.


Real Time Hashtag Tracking : Why It Matters

  • Gain competitive intelligence

Hashtag tracking enables you to monitor the competitors’ digital marketing moves and helps you to create your own responsive strategy.

  • Determine Content Reach And User Engagement

Use hashtag tracking analysis to proof check the performance of your own Twitter hashtag campaigns.

Know the potential reach of your content and the user engagement gained through your hashtag campaign efforts.

  • Know The Trending Topics

Real time hashtag tracking helps you to find the top trending hashtags and keywords related to your main hashtag.

Know the areas of popularity which you can capitalize for your product marketing and hashtag campaigns.

Hashtag tracking at ExportTweet gives you a detailed related hashtag analysis with a word cloud for easy comprehension.

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Hope this article helped you in equipping yourself to effectively set up real time hashtag tracking of Twitter hashtags.

Do let me know your feedback and experience with running real time hashtag trackers in the comment section below.

Real Time Hashtag Tracking - How To Track Hashtags On Twitter
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Real Time Hashtag Tracking - How To Track Hashtags On Twitter
Steps on how to track hashtags on Twitter. How to conduct Real Time Twitter Hashtag Tracking via ExportTweet.
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