Top 17 Hashtag Analytics Tools To Rule In 2018

Social media users frequently use hashtags across digital media regardless of whether they know the purpose of hashtags or not. Using hashtags strategically with proper understanding can help you to connect with top industry influencers as well as your target audience.

Hashtags enhance the influence of your posts as they increase engagement of your tweets. But it is not always possible to keep track of the hashtags you use to drive your social media campaigns which makes it very important to know the top hashtags of your industry.

Using Hashtag analytics tools is a great way of effectively monitoring your social media presence. Here are the excellent hashtag tracking tools that are most commonly used:

1. ExportTweet

ExportTweet is considered as one of the best hashtag analytics tools and one stop solution to measure the reach, impressions and overall impact of any campaign on Twitter.

Tracking a hashtag, keyword or an account and finding top influencers, top tweets and top related hashtags are the core features of the tool.

ExportTweet comes with a beautiful and highly insightful dashboard which explains the overall activity happening related to a hashtag.

ExportTweet comes with “UNLIMITED TRACKING TIME” feature which says that the tracker will remain activated forever irrespective of time. It will turned off only after reaching its tweets quota.

Link of the tool:

You can try it here:

Twitter Analytics

Turn Twitter Data Into Decisions

  • #Hashtag
  • @account
  • Followers Analysis
  • Keyword
  • Download User Tweets

Price: Starts from $19.99

Number of key hashtag insights: 29

2. Hashtagify

With the possibility to create any hashtag you may find yourself confused to choose which hashtag will work best for your campaigns.

Hashtagify shows you the relevant and related hashtags which are closely linked to a particular event.

The tool can also shows the top influencers and a selection of posts using the hashtag of interest. The Hashtag Encylopedia provides advanced filtering that helps you find hashtags easily.

Link of the tool:

Price: $9.99 – $299 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 15


If you are looking for a general information regarding hashtag then this is your go to tool. It gives you an extensive list of currently trending hashtags that are popular based on different categories such as business, entertainment, tech etc.

Besides these it gives you basic knowledge on how to use twitter, instructions to use hashtags and latest news and so on. It comes with different features based on whether you use a free or paid version.

Link of the tool:

Price: $49 – $349 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 7

4. Keyhole

Keyhole helps you track hashtags, keywords and website URLs. You can learn about the users who are most active and influential around a certain topic and you can engage with them directly.

This tool can help you track the amount of activity, number of users and extend of reach around your campaigns. Besides these, keyhole provides analytics and reporting tools.

Link of the tool:

Price: $165 – $999 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 22

5. Hashtracking

Hashtracking is another tool that can help you keep a track of your tweets, retweets and give detailed contributor lists of the conversations.

It provides detailed charts and graphs and transcripts of hashtag conversations which you can export and share. This tool will help you keep a track of the hastags for your events and campaigns.

Link of the tool:

Price: $50 – $1500 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 7

6. Twubs

Twubs is a platform with some interesting components. You can register your hashtag and create a hashtag chat room and embed the hashtag feed into your blog or website.  You can join and create conversation around certain hashtags.

It is a live stream of twitter chats. It also has a hashtag directory. For example, you can check the hashtag directory to find specific hashtag feeds and then join a kind of hashtag chat room.

It is designed to help manage and follow twitter hashtag chats.

Link of the tool:

Price: $199 – $599 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 6

7. Tagboard

One of the main and best features of Tagboard is that it gives a comprehensive hashtag tracking of multiple social media platforms.

Most brands are not limiting their social media marketing to juts one platform so this tool comes in handy to keep a track on all of them together.

You can set up your own tagboard based on the hashtag of interest. It gives you a visual view of how a hashtag is being used across different social media platforms.

Link of the tool:

Price: $165 – $2000

Number of key hashtag insights: One

8. Ritetag

With Ritetag you have to sign in first and it determines for you if the hashtags you are using are apt. This tool in other words helps improve and work on your own usage of hashtag.

It has the feature whereby it shows in colors based on whether your hashtag is likely to get discovered or not. It provides alternative hashtags that have higher chances of getting noticed.

Besides that it provides a list of trending hashtags. For instance it has different features like RiteForge that detects your topic and automatically hashtags your post for maximum discovery and engagement.

Link of the tool:

Price: $15 – $49 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 10

9. TweetReach

Tweetreach is another great tool to provide the impact of your hashtag during your campaign. It tells you who saw your tweets and whether your hashtag is generating discussions and retweets. You can track any twitter hashtag or topics.

Basically the tool offers the estimated reach of the tweet, the number of times the tweet was displayed in someone’s timeline, top influencers, number of tweets that were posted with that hashtag, and more. It is a simple tool to use and is one of the most widely used tools.

Link of the tool:

Price: $29 – $199 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 15

10. TweetBinder

Tweetbinder as the name itself suggests creates “binders” for particular hashtag or hashtags. You can also filter out conversations to grasp the links shared, retweets and pictures associated to your hashtag.

The tool generates a report that gives a statistics of conversations, tweets, links, pictures and contributors surrounding a hashtag or hashtags. You can analyze a twitter hashtag by looking at who is engaged in the conversation and who is the most influential.

It helps bind similar things and conversations close to the hashtag you are looking into over a period of time.

Link of the tool:

Price: $159 – $328 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 15

11. Followthehashtag

Followthehashtag is another tool to track hashtags. From historical data to live tracking, they provide reports on hashtags. You can download the report in PDF and Excel Spreadsheet formats.

Link of the tool:

Price: $19 – $349 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 23

12. Talkwalker

Talkwalker offers a range of insights, metrics and filters for social media monitoring including reach, engagement and influencer level for different social platforms. It also provides database of up to 1 year.

Talkwalker provide its analysis on almost all social media sites.

Link of the tool:

Price: $8400 – $36000 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 9

13. Socialbakers

SocialBakers provides complete social media analytics package. It includes four major social media sites, which are Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Not much preferable to individuals but it proves to be a great platform for corporates and agencies.

SocialBackers tracks hashtags from various social networking platforms and integrate it in a single report.

Link of the tool:

Price: Starting from $20 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 24

14. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a Twitter analytics tool offering monitoring of public Twitter account as well as your own account along with Twitter Lists analysis and keyword search. It also offers extras such as custom date ranges for search data and downloadable PDF and Excel data formats.

Link of the tool:

Price: $19 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 23

15. Birdsong Analytics

Birdsong Analytics provides social media analytics across four social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Apart from providing basic analysis, it offers an add-on but pricey feature of exporting all the followers and following of any public Twitter account.

Link of the tool:

Price: Pay as you go

16. Tweet Archivist

Tweet Archivist offers tracking hashtag campaigns, exporting tweets, monitoring of brands, interactive charts, hourly updates and downloadable data in PDF and Excel formats. Its enterprise pricing starts from $79.99/mo.

Link of the tool:

Price: $14.99 per month

Number of key hashtag insights: 7

17. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring tool extracts data from a great number of sources including the major social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It provides features such as social media listening, keyword tracking, sentiment analysis, blog, forums and reviews monitoring.

Link of the tool:

Price: Ask for pricing ($899 and above)


Below is the summary of all the hashtag analytics tools, their comparison on the basis of price, speed and number of insights.

Tools UI (Out of 10) No. of metrics Price Speed Rating (Out of 10)
ExportTweet 9 29 Start from $19.99 10 6 15 $9.99 – $299 per month 9 4 7 $49 – $349 per month 9.5
Keyhole 7.5 22 $165 – $999 per month 6.5
Hashtracking 7 7 $50 – $1500 per month 9
Twubs 5 2 $199 – $599 per month 9
Tagboard 7  1 $165 – $2000 0
Ritetag 6.5 10 $15 – $49 per month 10
TweetReach 8 15 $29 – $199 per month 8
TweetBinder 8 15 $159 – $328 per month 9
Followthehashtag 6  23 $19 – $349 per month 8
Talkwalker 8  9 $8400 – $36000 per month 8
SocialBakers 8  24 Starting from $20 per month 8
Twitonomy 5.5  23 $19 per month 8
Birdsong Analytics 6 Pay as you go 6.5
Tweet Archivist 4  7 $14.99 per month 8
Brandwatch 7.5 Ask for pricing ($899 and above) 8
Top 17 Hashtag Analytics Tools To Rule In 2018
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Top 17 Hashtag Analytics Tools To Rule In 2018
Detailed comparison of top 17 twitter hashtag analytics tools which are going to rule the internet in 2018.
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