How To Download Someone’s Twitter Followers?


Today I will tell you how to download someone’s Twitter followers using ExportTweet.  With this, you can export your competitor’s Twitter followers as well.

Marketers, agencies, researchers many- a-times wish they had the list of all followers of a brand or a competitor to conduct self analysis and know who are their most popular followers, what language they speak, when are they active, are they real or fake etc.

How to download someone’s Twitter followers?

Here are the steps to download someone’s Twitter followers and to export your competitors Twitter followers:

  1. Go to Twitter Followers Analysis and login with any Twitter account
  2. Enter the @account name whose followers you want to download/export
  3. Check and add the @account report to Cart
  4. Go to Cart and complete the purchase
  5. Access the Twitter followers report through Dashboard

Below is a live and ready to use widget.

You can select the “Followers Analysis” tab and enter the desired @account name whose Twitter followers you want to export and analyze.

Twitter Analytics

Turn Twitter Data Into Decisions

  • #Hashtag
  • @account
  • Followers Analysis
  • Keyword
  • Download User Tweets

Applications of Twitter Followers Data

  1. Get Competitor Analysis


Export Twitter followers of your competitors to extract ton of information useful for growth hacking. You can not only export Twitter followers to CSV but also export Twitter following list as well.

Along with exporting Twitter followers to excel, you will also get Twitter profile analysis of your competitors with parameters such as most popular followers, followers language analysis, followers activity graph so on and so forth.

  1. Find Potential Customers


ExportTweet , apart from being a Twitter analytics tool, is a great online lead generation tool too.

Exporting Twitter followers of your competitors enables you to have the complete list in CSV/Excel format through which you can easily browse, sort and search for potential leads.

You can search the Twitter followers bios in the CSV with any keyword related to your domain. This way, you can get a ready to contact list of your potential customers.

  1. Know Fake Followers & Bots Of Your Competitors


Export a competitor’s Twitter followers to analyze how many fake followers and bots they have.

You can download a list of someone’s Twitter followers and analyze the accounts which have suspicious following-followers ratio that is too many followings or too many followers or spam-like tweeting activity.

To know more about how can you make the most of Twitter Followers Analysis, do check out following links:

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  2. The Complete Guide To Twitter Followers Analysis
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