15 Advanced Tips For Twitter Marketing


Twitter can be a great platform to be used for marketing strategy for your brands and products. There are multiple ways to ensure that you are using Twitter effectively to market yourself. Here are some advanced tips for Twitter marketing.

1. Find the target audience and connect with them


Connecting with the right people and tweeting with them will help you to make them stay engaged with your brand and product.Third party tools such as ExportTweet can help you find your targeted audience. For instance, use Hashtag Analytics report at ExportTweet for enhanced Twitter marketing by finding the top contributors related to your own brand’s or campaign’s hashtag and connecting with them to better understand the audience and what they care about.

2. Manage your Twitter account with different tools


Make use of the tools that can increase the effectiveness of your twitter marketing by helping you manage your account.There are excellent third-party tools available which provide multiple functionalities to manage your account efficiently. Hootsuite and Buffer are great tools for scheduling of tweets. ExportTweet can provide deep insights with followers analysis to formulate ways to develop and improve your business strategies and can help you share the right content to the right people at the right time. Do check out the article below on how to make the most out of Twitter metrics for your business.

3. Keep Track Of Public Opinion


Twitter is a great platform to know and track the public opinions. Making use of sentimental analysis tools can help your brand to keep a track surrounding the change of public opinion and steer your Twitter marketing strategy accordingly. It is a great benefit to stay updated with and track changes in public opinion. Twitter sentiment analysis can help your brand to keep a tap on the public opinion and strategize your cases. It also gives you the ability to know how the public is reacting to your competitors’ product or services. One such tool (paid) to do sentiment analysis is SocialBakers.

4. Find, follow and connect with the key Twitter influencers


Twitter influencer marketing is a great way to target Twitter users which can save you a great deal of time and resources. Influencers or the power users are key individuals that have influence over others and can drive their sentiments and liking activities around a brand, event or any subject. Influencers are mostly industry specific. To find your own domain specific influencer, you can use brilliant third-party tools such as Klear and Little Bird. With Klear, you can find influencers by using filters such as categories and countries. After narrowing down your search and finding the right influencers, you can view their complete profile and connect with them on Twitter.After you have found the top influencers of your niche domain or industry, start following them. This will not only keep you updated with the latest on news and updates but will also make your Twitter profile look stronger and will generate marketing opportunities to engage with new target audience.

5. Follow Top Industry Influencers

After you have found the top influencers of your niche domain or industry, start following them. This will not only keep you updated with the latest on news and updates but will also make your Twitter profile look stronger and will generate marketing opportunities to engage with new target audience.

6. Build a robust profile with a solid followers list

Getting genuine and impactful followers on Twitter will boost your profile tremendously. Some ways to increase your Twitter followers are:
Make ReTweeting a routine: ReTweet high quality and value-adding content, articles, images, videos and tweets. This will grow your Twitter followers and network of genuine accounts.
Reciprocate by following: Always follow people who like or retweet your tweets. Take this opportunity to return favor and engage with them.
Follow back people who follow you: Always follow back people who follow you on Twitter. This will strengthen the bond and will be increase your reach for more likes and retweets for your content.

7.Engage with the audience when they are most active


Marketing on Twitter can be enhanced by finding out the peak hours of Twitter engagement of your users by using metrics such as daily, weekly and monthly patterns of posting of tweets. Twitter itself doesn’t provide this information but you can again use third-party tools such as ExportTweet. The tweets posting pattern analysis will help you find the right time to market your products, engage with the Twitter audience, get notice and increase your Twitter influence.

8. Make your followers stay interested

Content of your tweet can make a difference by triggering your customers to stay interested in your brand. Show them what they should want! So, make the best out of the 140 characters by making every word count. The trick is to construct your content in a way that it will not appear like sale is your sole agenda. You can also share useful links that will add value to the content and are in sync with your Twitter marketing strategy.

Excellent points to keep in mind while writing a tweet:

  • The tweet should be either highly informative or extremely attractive
  • Better to include images, gifs or videos
  • Link top industry influencers in the image
  • Include popular hashtags to increase the reach
  • Create quizzes and contests to better engage your audience with your brand

9. Connect your brand’s Linkedin account with Twitter

There are simple things you can do to increase the social reach like connecting your LinkedIn account to your Twitter account making it relevant for your business, using keywords and hashtags to create conversations around your brand and products, and stay in trend by getting the latest updates of what is “happening.”By connecting your Linkedin account with Twitter you can also:

  • Follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter
  • Post status updates simultaneously to both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and interact with your Twitter streams from within LinkedIn
  • Create a LinkedIn-specific Twitter list

Here are the steps on how to connect Linkedin account to Twitter:

  1. Login to you Linkedin account
  2. Go to Settings >>Account>>Partners and Third parties>>Twitter settings>>Add your Twitter account
  3. Clicking the “Add your Twitter account” link will take you to Twitter authorization page.
  4. Click on “Authorize app” and that’s it. You have done it.

10. Give innovative but affordable gifts

Pay attention to particular users who stay engaged with your brand. It is wonderful practice to give innovative yet affordable rewards. The gift can be as simple as sharing their tweets.


Also, there are third party platforms such as, twitgift and Parcelgenie which are great tools for sending real gifts to your most engaged Twitter friends and audience.


11. Ask questions to increase interaction


One of the good ways of marketing through Twitter is asking questions related to your brand or event which will encourage your Twitter followers to interact more. Make sure to send out tweets that will make your followers respond and stay engaged.

12. Use Direct Messages wisely

Sending a direct message is like the first thing you say to another person. You don’t want your customers to feel annoyed with your excessive advertisements. So be polite and send messages that will personalize to your customers. For instance firstly thank them for following your account and then tell them about your products and ask for feedback.

13. Build trust with your followers by staying transparent and honest

It is important to be real by not over-promising what you cannot deliver and by not attempting to cover up when you mess up. Be transparent because there are times when things go wrong even when we do all the right things. This will build your brand’s trustworthiness and credibility.


14. Don’t let your followers miss your tweets

Make sure to also tweet your content a couple of times in a day. This ensures that your followers catch the tweets if they missed it the first time. Don’t go overboard. You can use third party post scheduling tools such as Hootsuite. You can learn more about how to schedule tweets with Hootsuite by checking out the link below.

15. Use Twitter space to build and cultivate relationships


Twitter as it is one of the best marketing platforms to interact with the customers and build relationships. There are different ways to stay engaged by finding the connection with your customers. For instance, follow users who talk about your brand, retweet those tweets that mention your brand, give compliments, and also be helpful with their concerns by answering questions. This will ultimately help you build relationships with positive sentiments that will benefit your brand even in the long run.

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15 Advanced Tips For Twitter Marketing
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4 thoughts on “15 Advanced Tips For Twitter Marketing”

  1. Hello Prateek, Excellent Article!!
    Is there any way to find out top influencers of an industry and how to approach them? I will be glad to have your answer.


    1. Thanks Emily,

      There are many third-party tools which provide influencer search on social media. Some of them are Klear and Littlebird but they are paid tools. An easy way to find the top contributors who are just like top influencers on Twitter is to use ExportTweet Hashtag Analytics report. These reports contain processed data which tells you the most impacting contributors, most popular contributors, most engaging contributors etc. After knowing the list, you can connect with them on Twitter as well as other social platforms. Hope this helps.


  2. Hey the article was very informative, can you tell me how as an individual account holder getting an insight of my twitter account will be useful for me

    1. Hey Nina,
      Glad you found the article informative. Your own Twitter account analysis can help you in knowing your profile and followers inside out. The core of your profile is the followers data. You can export the complete list of your followers along with the insights report having data such as most popular followers, their language analysis, their activeness graph and much more. With these insights you can connect and engage with your followers better than before and strengthen your Twitter profile.

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