We build bespoke social media insights tools and products for agencies, enterprises and brands across the globe. ExportTweet can create highly scalable tailored products for exporting, listening, monitoring and analyzing Twitter data.

We can build custom tools to provide in-depth analysis on any number of public Twitter accounts and hashtags/keywords along with exporting the associated tweets in CSV/Excel formats. The insights analysis can be used by various industry domains to improve their people engagement and find new opportunities.

Election Analytics

The rise of social media led by Twitter has revolutionized the political conversations and campaigning. Twitter's real-time nature and accentuation on brevity make it particularly appropriate for politicians and government officials who are adept at creating sound bites.

At ExportTweet, we are proficient in providing and developing custom dashboards for real-time and pin-point Twitter data analytics of election candidates and electoral parties. We staunchly believe that the data if properly analyzed can be turned into decisions. We aim at giving our clients the transparent Twitter activity and performance analysis election candidates and political parties.

Election analytics
Event Analysis

Event Analysis

Are you an event organizing company that wants to measure the ROI on your events? Are you an agency looking to find the right metrics to conduct an event analysis? ExportTweet is the answer. We specialize in building customized analysis portals for both major and minor events worldwide.

Be it Olympics in sports or Golden Globes Awards in Movies, we know how to build a perfect event analysis tool that uses the best metrics to track the event performance and user activities.

Unlimited Accounts & Hashtags Tracking

Want to get the tweets of specified Twitter @accounts or hashtags in real time? We build custom tools capable to track, monitor and analyze unlimited numbers of @accounts and hashtags in real time.

You can get the raw Twitter data in the JSON format through our robust API or ask us to give you the complete parameterized analysis choosing your required metrics.

Unlimited Tracking
Crossover Analysis

Accounts and Hashtags Crossover Analysis

Want to collect certain tweets from your list of accounts having the specific hashtags / keywords? You can get this done through our custom Accounts and Hashtags Crossover Analysis tool wherein you would be able to edit / add / delete the accounts and hashtags at any time.

The tool will find and gather all the tweets, re-tweets and likes posted by the given list of Twitter accounts that have the specified hashtags / keywords and allow to export them along with the customized analysis reports.

Inter-List Following Analysis

Digital agencies, publishing houses and marketers among others often need to analyze who is following who on Twitter. The requirements can range from finding a one-to-one following relationship to one-to-many relationships.

More specific needs include finding the complex inter-following relationships within a given list of Twitter accounts. The list could have even have thousands of members.

Inter List Following Analysis
Shared Followers

Shared Followers Analysis

Have specific requirement to know the shared followers between two or more Twitter accounts?

We can generate the one time analysis report or even build a regular tool to export the followers of multiple Twitter accounts and check those that follow one, two or more.

On the contrary, we can also find out the unique followers among multiple public Twitter accounts.

Connect To Our Experts Team

If you are a researcher, data engineer, marketer or an analytics enthusiast and need Twitter data for research or independent project, you can reach out to our experts team capable of helping you out with your specific sectors.

You can reach out to our experts team capable of helping you out with your specific sectors. You can get in touch with our experts team at contact[at]