Best "Pay As You Go" Twitter Data Tool

With our Pay As You Go pricing model, you have the liberty to purchase only those reports which you want to use rather than the costly and binding monthly subscriptions.

Twitter Account Analytics

Track comprehensive insights of brands, competitors and even individuals along with the latest 3200 tweets of the desired user in the Excel spreadsheet.

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Hashtag Analytics

Analyze keywords / hash tags / user mentions on Twitter in real-time. Gather and analyze the latest tweets where the searched keyword or hash tag is mentioned.

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profile report
My Twitter Profile Analytics

Get the comprehensive analytics report as well as the Excel spreadsheet of all your followers and accounts you are following.

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Comparison Reports

Use Hashtag Comparison Report to compare multiple hashtag performances. Use Account Comparison Report to compare the followers and followings performances of up to 5 user accounts.

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Hashtags & Keyword Reports

Track hashtags and keywords on Twitter

Historical Data

Get data from the past and backfill your account to analyze trends

Automated Reporting

Just schedule a tracker and get automated reports with inbox notifications

Excel Reports

Export data in Excel spreadsheets and do your own analysis


Receive email notifications about specified user activities retrieved by your customized Tracker

Custom Date Range

Analyze your collected data from within any applicable time period you specify

Account Reports

Monitor the activities of your Twitter accounts as well as those of your competitors

Competitor Watch

Measure all the twitter activities that’s important to you – accounts, hash-tags, topics, competitors

Multiple Post Types

Track plain text posts as well as posts containing pictures and videos

PDF Reports

Download your charts and graphs in a colorful PDF


Never Miss a Single Tweet of your Home and List Timeline

Easy to use

Analyze and find answers with our quick, simple and easy to use graphs and reports

Influencer Tracking

Focus on specific influencers and filter out engagement generated by their activities

Demographic Analysis

Receive detailed break downs of engagement activities by user demographics

Language Analysis

Get detailed break downs of engagement activities by user language

Dropbox Integrated

Download and save the reports directly to your Dropbox

Affordable Prices

Choose from different membership plans and get whole lot of analytics at most economical prices

Constant Support

We are always there for your support

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ExportTweet provides our agency with the tools we need to glean social media insights that drive client strategies.

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Digital Director, Rational360